You have imagined projects, we can realize them

Your project is defined, now you want to implement it. Though, you don’t have the necessary inner resources to handle it, but you want to be involved in its achievement.

You need a commitment within the deadlines and the quality of service, responsiveness, and a reliable and qualified team?

Tana Corp’s project process is an interactive approach, supervised by a joint committee (your company and Tana Corp), which ensures the project’s progress at each step.

This process guarantees you a regular monitoring, at the grass roots.

The purpose is to deliver you a final product that meets your expectations, in compliance with the production planning. To that end, Tana Corp has chosen the SCRUM Agile methodology within its software development projects.

Our methodology offers an Agile methodology, in order to frame a rigorous, yet flexible development while at the same time complying with common advancement rules.

The various adjustment processes (iterations, feedback) allow the adjustment of the development through difficulties, and to take into account the functional adaptations you may ask for, as fast as possible.

You are the focus of our activities : representative of end-users, having the know-how in your sector, and collaborating closely to define project’s goals.

Furthermore, you have a leading role, in particular while the iteration review for finely adjusting the product as you perceive it.

You can discover some of our projects through many examples :



Establish a platform enabling the various bodies involved in the fight against doping to manage requests for anti-doping analyses and to better control the process.


Interface for managing the analysis and doping control process.

Location of samplers and athletes with optimisation of the routes to be taken in case of trips (Geographic Information System interface).

Very strict management of data security and access rights to the platform.

Customer interest

Much faster athlete control. Drastic reduction in costs related to the travel of sworn samplers. Flexibility of geographical change, helping to improve the image of professional sport.



Overhaul the Carrefour Group’s main online sales platform to make it more efficient and profitable.

Implementation :

Participation in the development of the solution in collaboration with the C.S.I.F. teams, carrying out load tests.

Customer interest :

Thanks to this overhaul, has become a major online supermarket in terms of turnover generated.



To create a system capable of tracing the passage of batches/products in laminar flow hoods.

Implementation :

The solution proposed by Tana Corp is based on the use of a mobile terminal equipped with a barcode reader for the identification of batches, fume hoods and actions. A central database allows the identification of batches in case of alert.

Customer interest :

The increased control offered by the solution allows the customer to be able to withdraw certain “uncertain” batches instantly.