You have imagined projects, we can realize them

You have defined your project and you wish to implement it. Yet you lack the required in-house expertise and you want a real part in its implementation.

What you require is real commitment from a reliable, top-notch team regarding deadlines, service quality and responsiveness.

Tana Corp’s project-driven approach is an iterative one. A dual committee composed of members from your company and Tana Corp teams is in charge of every step in the project.

This process provides you with regular, grassroot project management.


Our aim is to deliver you a final product which meets your expectations and production deadlines. That is why Tana Corp chose the Agile SCRUM methodology to develop its software projects.

Our methodology offers an Agile method which also provides a framework for rigorous and flexible development while following common progression rules.

The different processes of adaptation (iteration, feedback) make it possible to adjust development through difficulties and to take into account the functional adaptations you require as fast as possible.

You represent users with the business know-how and you work in close collaboration with us to help define the objectives of the project: as such, you are positioned at the core of the whole process.

Yours is also a prominent role during the iteration review as the means to guarantee the product best fits your vision.

Here are several examples to show you more about some of our projects:



To implement a platform that will grant access to various anti-doping organizations and help them manage drug-testing requests and better control the process.


Analysis and anti-doping control management interface.

Locating the athletes and the technicians taking samples and optimizing any necessary route (with an included Geographic Information System interface).

Very strict management of data security and access rights to the platform.

Customer interest

Much faster control of athletes. A drastic cut in costs generated by the travel of sworn-in technicians taking samples. Flexible geographical change contributing to an improved image of professional sport.



To overhaul the main online sales platform of the Carrefour franchise to make it more high-performance and more cost-effective.

Implementation :

Taking part in the solution development process in close collaboration with the C.S.I.F. teams. Carrying out load testing.

Customer interest :

Thanks to this overhaul has become a major online supermarket in terms of generated turnover.



To create a system that can track batches/products as they go through laminar flow cabinets.

Implementation :

The solution offered by Tana Corp is based on the use of a mobile terminal equipped with a barcode scanner that identifies batches, cabinets, and actions. The central database enables to identify specific batches in the event of an alarm sounding.

Customer interest :

This solution offers increased control which enables the client to withdraw any batch that may present a liability instantaneously.