TC Design / Structure your requirements into digital projects

Turn your requirements into structured digital projects

“Take everything into account for enhanced decision-making”.

What’s the use of perfecting a great solution if it doesn’t meet a specific need that was identified beforehand ?
Avoiding such pitfalls is the reason why Tana Corp made it its mission.

A proactive team of experts with a result-driven culture, we devise solutions to boost your business performance and fuel your growth.

We provide you with genuine, step-by-step support through your overall strategy by : examining the current situation, conducting market research for your products and services, analyzing data and processes, defining the targets and roadmaps.

By helping you focus on essential questions, the support we provide on your overall thinking is meant to speed up your digital and organizational transformation and make it successful.

TC Build / You have imagined projects, we can realize them

You have projects in mind, we we bring them to life

“Defining the need paves the way for the solution to it ”

It can very often prove complex to understand correctly the bulk of information and the missions involved in a project. /p>

Implementing any project requires defining objectives, describing deliverables, ascribing priorities but also assigning tasks and setting deadlines, all of which are more likely to be correctly comprehended and dealt with if correctly understood and interpreted.

Visualizing them helps render them more accessible, more understandable, hence make better use of them.

Tana Corp uses the DevOps Method as the way to guarantee full support through all the technological changes related to your business sector and the fast delivery of your software within the time limit.

TC Run / Audit your existing projects

Audit your existing projects and reach your objectives

“Things exist only if they can be measured ! ” (Max Plank)

Our engineers will be in charge of testing and enhancing the Performance of your Information System, from your web platforms to your management applications.

The chief objective is to have strategies that are perfectly tailored to your needs so your company may mobilize against competitors by making the right choices and may become sustainable.

Focusing on hosting, remedial and scalable maintenance, continuous enhancement, positioning analysis… These operating phases will help make your tool a sustainable one.

This thorough investigating process takes into account a variety of in-house and external factors. The tell-tale results will help you be way ahead of market competitors while refraining from being responsive and by being proactive.