Tana Corp can perform the application management for you, whether your software was developed by us or not.

It includes:

  • Corrective maintenance, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the software in case of bugs or malfunctions.
  • Evolutive maintenance, through software updates, implementation of minor evolutionary elements on existing functionalities, or the creation of new functionalities.

Our team also has a role of advice and technical support, in order to best respond to your requests concerning your software.

You will be able to follow the status of your tickets in real time, and consult the answers from our support team via a JIRA® account, included in our service.

Operation via this ticketing software guarantees :

  • A prioritization of your request according to its urgency
  • Total visibility on the progress of the intervention
  • The traceability of our interventions

You can count on the support of a stable and experienced team, available 5 days a week.