Audit your existing projects and reach your objectives

You’re facing difficulties identifying in-house issues or figuring out opportunities for scalability. You need the right team to look into these challenges from an outside standpoint: Let Tana Corp audit your Information System (IS) .

This audit will help identify strategic improvement directions, examine your competitors, your positioning, and support you through strategic decision-making.


We can also examine scenarios to optimize and reduce service supplier dependence by suggesting existing or tailor-made alternative solutions.

The elements listed here are non-exhaustive and we are all ears to help define your requirements.

Finally, as an expert in integration and specific IT solutions with a 15-year experience, Tana Corp can provide you with advice on architecture, on custom solutions and develop your strategy for IS scalability.

An audit is the essential tool for Tana Corp to

turn your requirements into structured needs to reach a sustainable, optimal solution.