Structure your requirements into digital projects

There are specific dictates and constraints to your business industry.

Your company faces occupational issues daily, and they may result in :

  • Management issues
  • Overdue settlement periods
  • Faulty document management
  • Software that is unsuitable or tedious to utilize
  • Lack of high-performance, fun reporting tools

Your amount of activity prevents you coping with these issues and you lack in-house resources to remedy them.

Tana Corp’s skills are yours to leverage so you can achieve it.

Our company  has been an expert in integration and custom IT solutions for over 15 years.

We make return on investment a fast and sure fact by taking a pragmatic stance on your business and analyzing your needs.

You’ll benefit from continuous support collecting and analyzing your needs as well as the issues you might face. If necessary, we’ll also help you carry out  an audit.

If you want a more in-depth analysis, then let us organize and supervise group work activities for users and decision-makers, so we may work in close collaboration to create tomorrow’s custom solution for your company.


These various steps will enable you to have your requirements turned into structured digital needs before we work out together the different scenarios to meet your needs.

Every single scenario we suggest is meant to provide a detailed account of the targeted solutions and the roadmaps to them, so that all the necessary data is at your disposal to help define your project most precisely (including deadlines, costs, planning).

Tana Corp can also help you organize a tender offer then select and analyze the proposals of the different service suppliers.

Here are several examples to show you more about some of our solutions:



To  implement a secure web-based tool for the marketing department to enable online registration and subscription to the different financial products.

Implementation :

The Web platform runs 24/7 and helps create new customer forms easily. The clients and prospects are centralized in a database. Extracting the data makes it possible to study and analyze the statistics for actions on forms.

Customer interest :

The registration data is processed automatically and above all more quickly. Weekly statistics are sent to product managers.



To create an interface to transfer orders to GHD’s logistics platforms from different sources of order registration or sales management.

Implementation :

Manual and automated interfaces transfer orders from SAGE or osCommerce toward the logistics platform.
The automated interface conveys feedback on order status from the logistics platform to osCommerce.

Customer interest :

Orders placed online and those collected by field sales representatives are directly transferred to the logistics platform. Hence fewer data imput errors and better, faster delivery.



To automate parallel calibrating on 25 TESTOSAVERIS probes and offer adjustment parameters by editing the conformity certificates.

Implementation :

Calibrating is a time-consuming procedure which requires some 17 hours. The solution we offered automates calibrating for up to 25 parallel probes, all the while abiding by standards for pharmaceutical software among which Standard 21 CFR Part 11.

Customer interest :

Significant productivity gain.
Increased reliability of results.